Will A Columellar Implant Lift Up The Tip Of My Nose?

Q: i am interested in changing the bottom front part of my nose. i believe it is called the columella. I think this is where the skin between the nostrils meets the upper lip. In my case, that angle is too small. It should be more open. I have read that an implant can create that effect. If an implant is placed there will it also lift up the tip of my nose? I have attached pictures which show what changes I want.

A: In doing assessment of the ‘columellar implant’ in your desired image look, there are three changes I see that you have made: 1) opening up/fullness of the nasolabial angle, 2) change in the angulation of the columella to the lip, and 3) nasal tip narrowing and lifting. It is important to note that to really achieve these changes an open tip rhinoplasty with an implant needs to be done. I would use cartilage for an implant in the columella rather than a synthetic implant. The columellar skin is not very thick and less potential problems will occur from a graft from your own body.  That is so for the following reasons:

1) a premaxillary implant will push out the columellar base (open up the nasolabial angle) but will not push up the tip of the nose.

2) A true columellar implant will push out the columellar skin but will not, in and out itself, narrow and lift the lip of the nose.

The concept here is that a columellar implant or strut is an adjunct to a tip rhinoplasty but not a substitute for it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana