Will A Closed Rhinoplasty and Neck and Jowl Liposuction Make My Face Look More Refreshed and Balanced?

Q: Hi Dr. Eppley, I am interested in nose and neck surgery. In the front view the tip of my nose is too fat. My nose profile shows that my bridge projects too much and the line from my top of forehead down through the bottom of my nose is too straight. I wish to have these things changed by a closed rhinoplasty. Also my neck and jowls is sagging and I would like liposuction to tighten them up, I am 49 years old. Additionly I don’t wear face makeup so I wish for no visible scars to show. Thank you for your time and I really enjoying reading all your info on the web and hoping you can improve my nose and neck. I have attached some pictures for you to review.

A: Thank you for sending your pictures. I have some computer imaging on them and those are attached. Here are my comments based on your stated desires and what is realistic.

Your rhinoplasty would be best done open. You have thick nasal bones and cartilages and to effect those changes you would get a better result through an open visual approach. (less chance of need for revision) You have thick nasal skin so there is no risk of having your nose ‘overdone’ or looking like it is too small or has an operated look. Thick nasal skin always make a rhinoplasty result less rather than more in appearance.

You have too much loose jowl and neck skin to just do liposuction  alone. That will just make the skin look loose and have more sag. You need a tuck-up neck-jowl lift with liposuction to get the result that you are after. Again, the thickness of your skin and it looseness work against a fat removal only procedure. Your skin quality and amount in the jowl and neck area makes it necessary for a more aggressive approach to get a good result.

One additional thought is that of your chin. It is horizontally short and that works against you getting an improved jaw line and neck appearance. A chin augmentation would really complement the neck-jowl lift.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana