Will A Chin Reduction Give Me My Dream Chin?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in chin reduction due to the fact that I feel as if my chin is way too large vertically. When I happen to smile there is also enough loose “bulk” to pinch on to skin or muscle, not sure exactly what you’d call it in the doctor world. Horizontally my profile does not bother me. I’ve been reading a lot about chin reduction lately and have seen pictures on websites of your work. And I would like to know exactly what kind of procedure I would need done for me to obtain the chin that I want. (Included)- are two photos the on of me smiling is a perfect example all together of what bothers me about my chin. In the second photo is what I would want my chin to look like…my dream chin 🙂 by the way thanks for your time.

A: What you are seeking is a vertical chin reduction that is best done through a submental incisional approach. To achieve your goals it is necessary to remove approximately 7mms of vertical chin reduction across the bottom of the chin bone. With this amount of vertical chin reduction, two additional issues need to be addressed. First the lower border of the jawbone behind the chin must be reduced lest you would be left with a ‘bulge’ of bone along the jawline behind the chin. Secondly, This amount of bone reduction will require soft tissue removal as well, known as a submental tuck. All three of these combined procedures fall into the procedure I call a ‘chin and jawline reduction’ operation.

It would be helpful to see a non-smiling front and side view picture for computer imaging as well as a panorex x-ray (usually a dental film) so I can measure the amount of of bone that can be safely removed from the chin and jawline. (location of tooth roots and the mental foramen and path of the inferior alveolar nerve)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana