Will A Chin Implant Make My Jawline Look More Masculine?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’m interested in improving my profile with a chin implant (custom or pre-shaped implant – whichever you feel would achieve the best desired results), along with possible injection to my nose. I have always wanted a stronger jawline and chin. I have always felt that I look this way, but in reality I just don’t have that masculine look. By adding a chin implant, will that also improve the jawline since the skin is being stretched further forward? I’ve attached a side-by-side of the results I’m looking for versus my actual face. For my nose, I’m interested in very minimal nose work. I’m fine with my turned up nose as I believe it’s unique, but would like to know if injection was possible to smooth the “slope” to make it appear less concave where the bridge and tip merge?

A: You have demonstrated well the benefits of a chin implant with your prediction imaging. That amount of horizontal advancement is around 9 to 10mm and, when the chin is lengthened, will improve your jawline. The key chin/jawline feature which you have not evaluated yet is how the chin will change in the frontal view and whether it should become more narrow or wider. Such an assessment will help make the determination of whether a preformed stock or custom chin implant will be needed.

From a rhinoplasty standpoint what you are seeking is simple dorsal augmentation. But using an injectable material, even fat, is not going to produce a successful or sustained result. This is going to require the use of either a septal cartilage graft or an implant, both of which can be done through a closed rhinoplasty result. A dorsal augmentation closed rhinoplasty is a fairly minimal nose surgery with a very quick recovery.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana