Will A Chin Implant Interfere With Hair Growth On The Chin?

Q: I am thinking about getting numerous facial procedures and I have a few questions. I am wondering if getting a chin implant will stop hair growth on my chin? Whatever I have done I want a natural look, will too much facial surgery ruin this or make me look unnatural? Last question,what are some alternatives to cheek implants?

A: A chin implant will not stop beard growth on the chin. It is put in through an incision under the chin so it is very far away from the hair follicles of the chin skin.

Getting a natural result in facial surgery is based on doing whatever procedures are done in balance with the rest of the face and not overdoing any one procedure. Facial surgery, whether it is a rhinoplasty, chin implant or forehead recontouring, is making the structural change to look ike it belongs to the rest of the face.

The only alternative to cheek implants is fat injections. While I think cheek implants and their numerous styles and sizes offer more versatility for cheek changes, fat injections can definitely add volume to the cheek and submalar (below the cheek) areas. With today’s more concentrated methods of fat preparation, fat injections to the face also work better in terms of maintaining volume to the injected facial area.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana