Will A Chemical Peel Help My Forehead Wrinkles?

Q: Do you offer chemical peels? What is available to forehead and brow wrinkles?

A:  Assuming that these two questions are linked, so to speak, points out a basic misunderstanding of what certain procedures can do. Chemical peels, of which there are many types which penetrate from superficial to deep, are good for improving skin texture problems which does include very fine wrinkles. But they will not work on any skin problem which lies deeper, such as scars or deep wrinkles, folds, or furrows. Almost all commonly used chemical peels treat more superficial skin problems. It is best to think of chemical peels as an outer skin treatment.

Forehead and brow wrinkles are not superficial skin concerns. While they may appear on the surface as a skin change, the primary problem is deep. It is the excessive muscle action that eventually causes the outer skin layers to become etched or permanently wrinkled. Since the problem lies deep, no superficial treatment can provide any visible improvement. This is why the initial treatment for forehead and brow wrinkles is Botox injections. As a muscle-weakening agent, it can lessen or stop their movement creating an immediate improvement in the depth of the wrinkles seen. In more severe cases, a browlift may be a better answer. This procedure treats the muscles at fault through their selective removal. With less muscle action, which is  combined with skin tightening through a lift, there can be a dramatic reduction in the forehead and brow wrinkling problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana