Will A Cheek Implant Raise Up My Lower Eyelid?

Q:  Is a cheek implant that is placed high (near the orbital rim) and lateral, that extends to the orbital rim and that provides a significant augmentation (5 mm or more), able to lift the portion between the iris and the lateral canthus (not the lateral canthus itself) of the lower eyelid a little bit? I noticed this feature of the lower eyelids in people who have naturally very high and prominent cheek bones.

A:  The simple answer is that it is unlikely. While it seems logical that the lower eyelid can be pushed upwards, and it is easy to do with one’s finger, try it by pushing up on the cheek tissue. You will notice the lower eyelid does not really move upward but just creates bunching of tissue right beneath the lid line. This is because the lateral lid line is fixed by the lateral canthal tendon. The only way to change the lateral lid line is by repositioning or tightening the lateral canthus. I suspect that putting in a cheek implant as you have described may seem to work during surgery, only to be disappointed later when no change is seen.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana