Will A Cheek Implant Improve A Depressed Scar?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have a large depressed scar on my right cheek from acne. I have a smaller one on my left cheek. Two plastic surgeons have tried fillers over 2 decades ago with minimal improvement. The second surgeon, who thought injecting Restalyn deeper would work better, showed me the fluid coming out of pores as he was injecting it.

Would you please advise whether or not cheek implants might work? I’d love to get back to not feeling self-conscious when my wife and I are at church or in other public settings.

A: Your question is based on the premise that the contour of a soft tissue deficiency/scar can be improved by the push of an implant placed on the underlying bone. This approach is also suggested based on the failure of injectable fllers to make any difference. (although I am surprised that fat injections have never been proposed since this type of injectate is the most appropriate for such soft tissue deficiencies. Synthetic injectable fillers are too soft or ‘jello-like’ to work well in stiff scar)

Given where your depressed scar is located (submalatr region of the cheek) I would agree that this is a sound approach for contour improvement. It should probably be combined with a little injected fat externally as well for optimal improvement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon