Will A Cheek Implant Fix A Cheek Indentation From A Cyst Removal?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a cyst removed from my left cheek. It left a very noticeable dent on that side of my face. I’ve been searching for a plastic surgeon to fix this issue for a long time. I’ve been getting filler injected into that area, but it dissolves (or moves) from that spot really quickly (about 2 months). I also still have the unfortunate problem of having an active cyst right next to the scar. I don’t want to remove it anymore since it has pretty much destroyed my cheek area. I’m writing to you because one surgeon who I had a consultation with talked about doing a cheek implant which sounds like a better idea than maybe getting a fat graft or more filler. I’d just like your perspective to my problem (and you would definitely be my pick for doing an implant). 

A: I would question the logic of putting a cheek implant deep on the bone with the hope of its push from ‘far away’ would reduce a contour depression closer to the skin area. I would doubt that would work thew way you want. It would also make the right cheek now bigger than the left, creating its own aesthetic issue.

However to make a more informed assessment I would need more than this one picture from an oblique view. I would five pictures. (straight on, sides, both obliques and a view with your head tilted back to show both cheeks from below.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana