Will A Caudal Septoplasty Change The Shape Of The Nasal Tip?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have some questions about caudal sep[toplasty> Is this basically a deviated septum repair?  While I didnt originally intetend to ask about repairing a deviated septum, I think Dr. Eppley identified an issue I’ve long had.  We discussed that it should bring symmetry to my nostrils, but will this procedure also help breathing?  He said he couldnt diagnosis accurately until I was there, but what are the risks?  I’ve read some realself reviews septoplasty can have negative effects on the appearance of the nose tip, but others say it improved that.

A: In answer to your caudal septoplasty questions:

1) A caudal septoplasty is a limited form of septoplasty that only address the end of the septal deviation behind the columella of the nasal tip.

2) Generally a caudal septoplasty is more about removing the obstruction in the visible nostril area and improving nostril asymmetry than about improving breathing.

3) It usually does not have any effect, positive or negative, on the shape of the nasal tip…unless the caudal septal deflection is very large.

4) You are correct in that only dissolvable sutures are used.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana