Will A Buccal Lipectomy Help Slim My Face?

Q: Dr. Eppley, After doing some more research, I’ve also wondered about the possibility of facial liposuction or a buccal lipectomy with my vertical chin lengthening procedure.. I know that buccal lipectomy has to be done selectively, because it can cause a gaunt look. Do you think that buccal lipectomy or some cheek liposuction would help me? The fullness of my cheeks bothers me a lot and so I thought the genioplasty would help elongate my face to reduce the roundness or fullness. Basically my question is if some sort of facial liposuction may be a better option, or if it should be done in addition to the genioplasty? (I’ve had one other doctor mention that my chin height isn’t really lacking and that not much vertical height would need to be added). I’m interested in getting your opinion on this.

A: It would not be rare to do further facial derounding by a subtotal buccal lipectomy as a complement to other procedures. A buccal lipectomy produces a subtle effect so it alone would rarely create significant facial slimming. As long as it is not done overaggressively, it will not ultimately produce the gaunt look and will reduce some fullness right under the cheekbones.

By aesthetic measurements, you vertical chin height may be fine. But in the spirit of what you are trying to achieve, vertical chin lengthening is needed. Rather than rely on numbers or what looks right to someone else, use computer imaging to see what facial look is created with and without vertical chin lengthening.


Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana