Will A Buccal Lipectomy Give Me The Male Model Look?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am looking into buccal fat pad removal (buccal lipectomy) and possibly perioral mound liposuction. My face holds a lot of weight compared to my low body fat percentage. I workout consistently and follow a very precise diet but no matter how hard I try I can never seem to lose the fat on my face. I am self conscious and try not to smile in public as smiling makes the fat on my face more apparent. My father and my grandfather both have the same issue. I would like to know your opinion on what could be done to improve my appearance. I would really like to have a thinner face, similar to that of a male model.

A: I think your face would benefit by a buccal lipectomy and perioral mound liposuction to provide some improved contouring. Whether that would be enough of a change to give your face the ‘male model’ look is a more indeterminate question. It would definitely be beneficial in that regard, and you have the right face for these procedures that will best show their effects, but the male model look per se may be asking more than is possible. That, of course, depends on how one expects that type of face to look.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana