Will A Browlift Make My Hairline Recede?

 Q: I am a male who is considering having a browlift procedure. I am not sure how it is needs to be done but I do have one concern. Will a browlift make my hairline recede?

A: Browlifting in men poses unique concerns because of the varied and often absent frontal hairlines. Even in a male with a reasonably good hairline, it is impossible to predict what the hairline may do in the future. For this reason, the typical open browlift operations (either at the edge of the frontal hairline or behind the hairline) should be avoided. The endoscopic browlift remains the only ‘safe’ option even in a male with good hair density and frontal edge pattern.

The question of whether hairline recession make occur after a browlift is probably not directed towards actual hair loss from the procedure. This question likely relates to whether the hairline will move backwards as the brow is lifted. This is an excellent question and is a particularly relevant one in the endoscopic browlift.

This non-excisional (skin or scalp) type of browlift employs tissue shifting, or an epicranial shift, to create the effect of brow elevation. In other words, the entire forehead and scalp skin is shifted backwards, moving the excess tissue up and back where it sticks back down in a new position. As a result, the frontal hairline will move back to some degree. This creates some small amount of forehead lengthening, an increased distance between the brows and the frontal hairline. This is not hairline recession per se, just hairline repositioning.

Male patients in particular considering an endoscopic browlift should be aware of this hairline change. If the hairline is already fairly far back, this operation may not be a good choice or should be considered carefully.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana