Will A Brow Bone Reduction with Forehead Fat Grafting Make Me Look Less Neanderthal-Like?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am suffering with insecurities regarding my face, especially my forehead and jaw area. I know I have a facial profile typically associated to those with sleep apnea/mouth breathing and I want to change that. May I ask what I can do to my forehead to reduce the sloppiness of it so that I do not look so neanderthal-like? As I have been bullied for it alot. I am unsure if a brow bone reduction is enough, or should I do with brow bone reduction with fat grafting to the forehead? 

Thank you so much for your advice. Have a lovely weekend.

A: What you need is a combination of a sliding genioplasty (in the 15mm range) and forehead (not the brow bone) augmentation. Fat grafting to the forehead would never work for this degree of augmentation. This needs a custom forehead implant. The brow bones should left alone as they are adequate for a male. It is the very retroclined slope to the forehead that is the problem.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana