Will A Breast Lift Help?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I hate my breasts! I am just 20 years of age and my breast looks like they are 85yrs. They sag and my nipples are huge. Due the weight I have lower back pains and my shoulders hurt. I can’t where certain clothes. For once I would to be able to a strapless bra or even not have a wear a bra at all with my clothes. I need a breast lift!

MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERAEppley Breast Reduction afterA: Large hanging breasts, even in young women, can be both aesthetically unattractive and cause symptoms of back, neck and shoulder pain. A breast lift with areolar reduction, and a little breast tissue removal, can create a dramatic improvement in their shape and reduction or elimination of their associated musculoskeletal symptoms. The trade-offs for these dramatic breast changes are scars in the classic anchor or inverted T shape. One has to decide whether these changes are worth it but most young women would say so. It is also important to understand that breast shape is variable over one’s lifetime particularly when one is still very young. Pregnancies and weight gain/loss will negatively affect the result of any breast lift/reduction procedure with the most common changes being further breast tissue loss (involution) and skin sagging. (pseudoptosis)

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana