Will A 3D CT Scan Show A Skull Implant That Is There?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a CT scan of my head after skull implant surgery. Is it a 3D CT scan and what does it show?

A: I have reviewed the CT and can make the following comments:

1) It is indeed a 3D CT scan which has beautiful images of her skull and the implant on it.

2) The implant is perfectly positioned and, IF one was just looking at the 3D CT scan, the head with the implant shows a good shape.

3) Having an implant in place and knowing its aesthetic outcome is a huge advantage in knowing how to get a more desired head shape. This is not the advantage we have the first time whether the implant was custom made or chosen from a stock design.

4) In making a new implant shape for a more desired aesthetic result, you can take tracings of the side profile and draws what you think is a better shape in  both the side and front/back views. That is the information I need to start a new design. Or take the side pictures of your self and draw what is a better profile head shape.

5) The good news is that replacing the existing implant has a much better recovery as much of the pocket already exists.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana