Wil My Stomach And Waistline Get Smaller If I Have A Brazilian Butt Lift?

Q:  I am interested in buttocks injections and basically wanted to know a little more about the procedure. I would like fat removed from my waistline or abdomen area and injected into the buttocks. I would like a fuller bottom and a smaller waistline. I am an active member of the Indiana National Guard and also wanted to know more about the Patriot Program.

A: Thank you for your inquiry. How you have described the procedure is exactly how it is done. Fat is removed from the waistline and flanks and then transferred by injection to the buttocks. The issue with buttock augmentation with fat injections is how much fat will survive afterwards and how much of a size improvement will there be. The first part of the procedure, fat reduction, is assured in that you can be guaranteed your waistline and stomach areas will be less full and have less fat.

The other issue with the Brazilian Butt Lift, also known as fat injections to the buttocks, is whether enough fat can be transferred to create the size that you want. Unlike a buttock implant, where the size increase can be bigger and its postoperative volume increase stable, fat injections may or may not be be to reach your buttock size increase goal. However, the ‘ying anf yang’ effect of a smaller waistline helps the buttocks look bigger and more shapely regardless.

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Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana