Why Is My Nose Still Swollen After An Open Rhinoplasty?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I have had a open rhinoplasty during June of 2012. My nose in the beginning looked great, but gradually it got a bit more but it went down gradually in time, though it is still swollen on the tip. But approximately two months ago I was washing my face and pressed on my nose and I heard a “click” and some blood came out. Since then I always get a bit of blood from my nose in my snot. I put vaseline inside my nose, which made the blood to stop coming, I guess it was dry on the inside. A month after the “click” in my nose, it became really swollen. Even though people don’t see a swollen nose, I know that my nose don’t look like this. Ive cleansed my nose with salt and water on the inside, I’ve used cortisone nasal spray, I’ve got antibiotics and cortisone tablets. The cortisone tablets really helped but only for a day or so, after that my nose went back being swollen. I do not know what to do, and would really appreciate your help.

A: I am going to assume that your open rhinoplasty was done using your own cartilage and no synthetic implants. In an open rhinoplasty a columellar strut graft is often used and this is really the only thing that can cause any clicking after a rhinoplasty if you move the nasal tip. But this is a natural material and not a source of infection or would cause an open areas inside the nose where the incisions where.  At 10 months after surgery you are rapidly approaching the time when you are reaching the final result although I would not pass final judgment until a year from surgery. You may consider doing some low dose kenalog injections in the nose to get some further nasal tip refinement.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana