Why Does My Forehead Scar Revision Look Different?

Q: Dr. Eppley, First of all I would like to appreciate your approach to educate general people like me about plastic, reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. I have a question regarding my scar revision. I have done scar revision yesterday. The revision was done to revise a pox scar on the lower middle forehead about 1 cm up of the starting of nose bridge. The scar was 5mm in wide and 6mm in length. Right now I am very much concerned about the post scar it will leave. I am hoping for a linear scar rather than the circular one. I would really appreciate your feedback regarding this.

A: Not having any knowledge of how your scar revision was performed, this is a question you should ask the doctor who performed it. By your description, I would assume that a simple horizontally-oriented elliptical excision of the forehead pox mark would be done with a resultant linear scar trade-off.  This circular scar result is a bit confusing to me unless some form of subcision was done in an effort to raise up a depressed scar rather than excising it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana