Why Does A Submental Treatment Need To Be Done With A Mini-Facelift?

Q: Dr. Eppley, what is a mini facelift with a simple subtuck treatment? Is a subtuck treatment to the neck area, and how is it performed?

A: When you use the term ‘subtuck’, you are referring to the submental area of the upper central neck. That is an area that will not be affected by a mini-facelift unlike a full or regular facelift. In a mini-facelift (aka Lifestyle Lift amongst many names) the jowls and the face behind them is effectively lifted and tucked. But the submental area is not changed by a mini-facelift because it is a more limited type of facelift that does not reach this far forward. This is why some type of submental treatment, such as liposuction or a submental tuckup, often needs to be done at the same time as the mini-facelift to get a more complete result. These submental procedures are done through a small incision underneath the chin.

Not every mini-facelift needs to have submental manipulation, it just depends on how much loose skin or extra fat is in this area. I would estimate that two-thirds of mini-facelift patients do need submental attention as well.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana