Why Do Breast Lifts Create Scars?

Q: How come with breast augmentation the work seems flawless with no scarring at all. But with a breast lift, there appear to be scarring and are not always even. Your augmentation is beautiful, the best i’ve seen so far. I dont think I need an implant because I am already a DD.

A: Breast augmentation is virtually scarless because the small incisions that are used to pass the implants through are placed in very unnoticeable areas. Whether it be in the lower breast crease, around the nipple, or in the armpit, they are undetectable except on the very closest of inspections.  Breast implants do all the work of making the breast, including its new shape, and this makes it almost scarless.

Conversely, breast lifts must create their reshaping effect by removing skin. Because all aspects of the breast skin are in view in a well shaped breast mound, the scars are much more visible. In a typical breast lift, the scars will run around the nipple and vertically down to the lower breast crease. In more extensive breast lifts, the scar may also run along in the lower breast crease.

Unlike breast implants, which are symmetric in shape to start with and can be equal in volume, breast lifts are much more artistic in execution. They require a lot of judgment in how and where to cut the skin and, as a result, can not be expected to be as perfect in shape and symmetry as many breast augmentation results. 

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana