Why Didn’t My Square Chin Implant Make My Chin More Square Shaped?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am a huge fan of your work. No other surgeon seems to actually listen to what his clients actually request – and also thinks out if the box. I wonder whether you may be able to comment on my recent chin implant that I had performed.

I really wanted a very square strong masculine chin. After I did all the research myself, I convinced the Implantech agent to import a Terino Type 2 implant. Believe it or not the plastic surgeons here are completely unknowledgeable about the different types and none of them do jaw angle implants. The implant was placed intra-orally. I think it was the size L.

To be frank, I am disappointed in the result – there is absolutely no obvious squareness to the chin. I think the outline is there -but it may simply be that the fat pad was not shaped or draped around the chin so as to make the outline of the implant clear.

Only afterwards have I read some of your comments that the Terino implants are NOT necessarily the right type for a square looking chin – and that you favour a custom-made implant.

I have included some pics so that you get an idea of my results. I also attach a pic of what I was HOPING it would look like. 

Please could you advise me on what you may be able to recommend for me.  Is there any way that you could custom design an implant for me? Could the custom implant be sent to me for the surgery here (as travel internationally has become a HUGE drama).

I would really appreciate any advice you could give me Dr Eppley. I would be very grateful

A: As you have pointed out I have never found the standard square chin implants (Terino style 1 and 2) to be very aesthetically satisfying. They have rounded corners, which are wider than the rounded anatomic chin implant styles, but they don’t make for more square chin shapes. They just make the chin wider with no obvious squareness. Your current result is very reflective of the implant’s design shortcomings. I have learned by extensive custom chin and jawline implant designs that to create a truly square chin shape the implant must have an exaggerated square chin shape with profoundly square corners but also not excessive width in so doing. A 33mm to 35mm wide distinctly square chin implant design works better in that regard in my experience. (see attached) Perhaps one day an improved square chin implant will be available as off-the-shelf item but until then custom designing it is the way to go.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana