Why Did My Wraparound Jawline Implant Make My Face Look Round And Not Angular?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I had a jaw wraparound done in Europe but very unsatisfied as it has lost me all my angularity even before the surgery, me cheeks now bulge out like there’s air in them especially when I talk, I feel like I have to bite them in to look good. Is this an implant issue or could it be another issue, if I get them removed and new ones placed in, will the soft tissue return back to normal after removal?

A: I can not comment on the cheek issue as that area should not be affected by a jawline implant.

From a jawline result standpoint this is a classic example of an implant design issue. While it looks like it would be good on the skeletal model you now know what that implant shape and dimensions creates externally. From my experience that design looks like on the outside exactly what I would think it would. It is not a sharp angular design but more rounded at the corners. (chin and jaw angles) You learn by considerable experience that in patients with naturally thicker tissues (like you) the implant must be exaggerated in shape at the corners and with the connection between them to get a more angular result. It takes a lot of experience to come that implant design realization.

I would also ask did your surgeon do preoperative computer imaging on your pictures to determine your exact jawline shape goals on which to base the design? If that was not done then there was never a good chance that the desired aesthetic outcome could be achieved.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana