Who Are The Best Sliding Genioplasty Surgeons?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am asking an identical array of questions of different surgeons both to become more knowledgeable on the topic as well as making a decision on choosing a surgeon. If you were to undergo sliding genioplasty, which five top surgeons would you choose based on experience and reputation.

A: This is an excellent question and I wish I had a similarly good answer for you. There are many surgeons of different specialities that perform sliding genioplasty but who would be ‘top five’ would escape me. Since I have never seen another surgeon actually perform this procedure other than myself (and that was decades ago in my training), all that I have to go on is whom writes clinically and scientifically about the procedure. And because it is an historic maxillofacial procedure of which there is little new, few surgeons today publish on this procedure. Thus creditable knowledge of who performs a sliding genioplasty technically well I do not know. That does not mean they do not exist, as obviously they do, but I could not honestly give you a list based on useful knowledge of them.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana