Which Liposuction Method Is The Least Invasive With The Fastest Recovery?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am seriously interested in reducing size of my stomach/abdomen with minimal down time and invasion. Is this what laser liposuction can do? I am researching my options.
A: It would be good to talk you through many of your liposuction options and get a realistic understanding of how they work and what can be achieved. There is no such thing as any liposuction method that has any different amount of invasiveness or recovery. That is a misconception propagated on the internet by various marketing and promotional efforts as well as many device manufacturers. While there are numerous liposuction techniques that use different energies to achieve their effects, they all are invasive surgery, traumatic the tissues significantly and involve recovery that would not be considered quick or minimal particularly over a large area like the abdomen.

Dr. Barry Eppley