Which Is Better To Make My Chin Longer – An Implant Or An Osteotomy?

Q:  I want to make numerous changes to my chin as I think it will make my face look better. I am looking to decrease the horizontal dimension of my chin as well as increase the vertical dimension. I think this will create a more angular jawline as my lower face is very rounded. My chin feels like it pushing my bottom lip upwards so I wanted the lower lip to be brought down slightly, would this be at all a possible? I would also be wanting a rhinoplasty, however at the moment, I will be focusing on the chin. Would these chin changes be best done with an implant or an osteotomy? I really hope you can help Dr. Eppley. Thank you for time.

A: That type of chin change can only be done by an osteotomy. With the chin pushing up on the lower lip, this suggests that it is too vertically short. A chin osteotomy can easily increase its vertical length by making an opening wedge that is held apart by a special chin plate and four screws. Lengthening the bony chin will always make it look thinner, but its bony width can also be narrowed by a midline ostectomy of the  downfractured segment at the same time.

As the chin is lengthened, it can create a slight lower lip lowering effect as the mentalis muscle is also lengthened. As the upper attachment of the mentalis muscle does extend to just below the lower lip, its lengthening as it is carried down with the bone should make the lower lip less pushed up.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana