Which Is Better For My Stomach Fat The Zerona Laser Or Liposuction?

Q: I had breast reduction surgery last year and , while those results were great, my stomach area is now the problem. What is the best way to get rid of some (or a lot of!) stomach fat? I have read about Zerona. Is it better than liposuction or does it just depend on the person?

A: It is not uncommon after breast reduction that one notices that they now have ( or have had) a larger stomach than they knew. Since the breasts hung down on the stomach, the size of the stomach is usually obscured. After breast reduction, where the breasts are lifted and reduced, these ‘new’ stomach problem appears.

While fat reduction can be done both surgically (liposuction) and non-surgically (Zerona), the results and the process are not the same. Do not equate Zerona and liposuction as providing the same results. Liposuction is a much more effective and rapid way of eliminating unwanted fat, albeit with surgery. Zerona is best considered as a  non-surgical step before one considers liposuction. In the right patient (5 to 20 lbs overweight), Zerona may provide enough of a result that liposuction may never be needed. In larger fat collections, liposuction may ultimately be needed.

Therefore, patient selection is critical when deciding what approach to take for abdominal fat reduction. For small to modest abdominal fat fullness, Zerona is probably worthwhile as enough of a result can usually be obtained without surgery. But if you have a large abdominal girth or any excess overhanging abdominal skin, some form of surgery will be more effective whether it is liposuction, a tummy tuck or some combination thereof.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana