Which Is Better for Cheek Augmentation – Injectable Fillers or Implants?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I feel like my cheeks are flat and that makes my face very non-descript and uninteresting. I think cheek implants would help but I have also read that you get get better cheeks with injectable fillers also. Which do you think is better? I have attached two pictures of my face as well as two examples of what I think are good-looking cheeks.  Will cheek implants or injectable fillers worko better to reach these goasl based on the structure and limitations of my facial bones?

A:  Your pictures do show malar or cheek flatness. Based on your desired goals by the pictures, cheek augmentation would definitely offer a big improvement towards improved facial balance and attractiveness. For ideal cheek augmentation and a better overall effect, an implant is the best choice in my opinion. Besides its permanent effect, it has a better economic value long-term. . If you are uncertain as to whether cheek implant surgery is for you, however, then initially have an injectable filler treatment done. Be aware that injectable fillers will not create exactly the same look as implants which have a very well defined shape. Injectable fillers create more of a less-defined mass effect although that will still be helpful to prove that cheek augmentation is or is not for you. When considering cheek implant surgery it is important to realize that there are different styles of cheek implants that accentuate subtle but different areas of the cheek. Selecting the right cheek implant  and size is critical as the main reasons for cheek implant revision is improper implant selection and inadequate sizing.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana