Which Breast Implant Size Should I Choose, 450cc or 500ccs?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am getting breast augmentation next week and I can’t  decide between two breast implant sizers. I am 5’ 6” and weigh 135 lbs. I am currently an A cup but lost much of my original volume due to children so they are flat with some loose skin.  I am torn between 450cc or 500cc silicone gummy bear breast implants. They are going under the muscle so I am wondering if more volume is needed because they will be covered by more tissue. I don't want to look too big in my clothes but do want to have a wow factor without my clothes 🙂 Also, I hoping to achieve close to a full size D cup and I know if 450cc or 500cc will get me closer that. What do you think?

A: The difference of 50cc between breast implant sizes in the 500cc range is very small as that constitutes less than a 10% volume difference when you do the mathematical ratio. That is barely if at all visible. But in the debate between these two sizes, you have stated several important factors that make it clear to me as to which is best for you…the desire for a full D cup, wanting a wow factor and the very fact that you are asking this question. These suggest that you are afraid of not being big enough. In addition you have a lot of loose skin on your breasts of which it always take more volume to fill them out. Therefore, between those two sizes I would opt for the slightly larger one and choose the 500cc implants.

Dr. Barry Eppley