Which Breast Implant Size Is Better For Me?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am having breast augmentation surgery and am having trouble trying to decide between two different implant sizes. I can’t decide between 375cc and 400ccs silicone gel implants. They seem to look different when putting the implants in my bra. Also, which size will give better cleavage.

A: The difference in volume between 375cc and 400cc is 25ccs or a 6% total volume difference between the two breast implant sizes. This is an insignificant difference that is not visible and is one you should waste o further time thinkingabout. When in doubt between two implants sizes that are so close, always go with the slightly bigger implant. This is because here is no chance that it will make you too big but there is a very real chance that you will have wished you went bigger later. Also understand that stuffing a round implant into one’s bra is not a very good method of implant sizing even though it is done all the time. A much more accurate method is the Mentor Volume Sizing System where the sizers have shapes that actually fit over one’s natural breast, rather than simply smashing it flat with a round breast implant. This provides a much more realistic volume result. Lastly, also understand that cleavage is rarely created by breast implants unless one’s natural breast mounds are fairly close together beforehand. Implants make bras much more effective at creating good cleavage.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana