Where Do I Start With Making Improvements To My Aging Face?

Q: I am interested in a brow lift or botox treatment…maybe a facelift. I am 43 years old and I believe I look ten years older. Do you know if I could try one procedure now and then gradually work up to a progressive series of surgeries?

A: The wonderful thing about the many procedures for facial rejuvenation is that both small and big changes can be done. And the procedures can be customized to how much one wants to do, how much one wants to spend, and how much recovery one can allow. Since facial aging is a progressive phenomenon, younger patients will need smaller procedures while bigger changes are reserved for those with more loose skin and wrinkles.

Since you have never had any of these cosmetic procedures before, it is understandable that one often does not know where to start. To ‘put your toe in the water’ so to speak, doing something non-surgical like Botox or injectable fillers is a good way to start. One can venture ‘further into the pool’ with laser treatments  and even facelift surgery at a later date. A progressive approach to facial aging treatments is both reasonable and prudent.

Always start with the facial concerns that bothers you the most. To get started, it is helpful to meet with a plastic surgeon and have an educational session about what is appropriate now and what may be beneficial in the future.    

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana