Where Are The Incisions For A Jawline Tuck Procedure?

Q: I am interested in having a jawline tuck procedure. The only part of my face that bothers me as I have aged is along the jowls. That is the only place where I have some excess skin that affects my appearance. Please tell me where the incisions area and what part of the face this operation does, and does not, affect. Thank you!

A: Basically, a jawline tuck is a simple modification of a limited or mini-facelift. It is similar to the advertised and marketed ‘Lifestyle Lift’ which is a franchise approach that offers a very similar procedure. As the name would imply, it is a facial rejuvenation procedure that has very little downtime hence the branded name. The fine line incision starts at the top of the front of the ear, goes inside the ear behind the tragus, and then around the back of the earlobe. Through this hidden incision, any loose skin along the jawline (jowls) is lifted smoothing this area out. There is some benefit in the neck area but not as significant as that of the jowls. This procedure is as described….a tuck for the jawline or jowls. It does not affect any other part of your face.

Many times other facial procedures are done with this ‘little’ facelift such as neck liposuction, laser resurfacing or chemical peels, and eyelid tuck procedures. But when done alone, there is less than a week of any visible swelling and bruising so recovery is quite rapid.

The key concept to grasp is that a facelift is an isolated jowl and neck procedure. A limited facelift or jawline tuck is just a smaller version of it.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana