Where Are Deltoid Implants Placed?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in deltoid implants. I am a 25 year-old male who has done bodybuilding for the past two years with great results. This is with the exception of my deltoid muscles, which are one of the most important and prominent muscles on a male body. My dad has also weak shoulder muscles so I think it’s genetics.

Now my questions:

1. How are the (silicone ?) implants placed and where exactly, so that the most obvious effect in width is achieved ? Are they placed into the muscles or above, because one should not feel the material when one touch the shoulders if possible.

2. How thick are they? How much shoulder width can be added with the implants ?

3. What are the risks during and after such a surgery? 

4. Is the result permanent?

Deltoid Calf ImplantsA: In answer to your questions about deltoid implants:

1) They are silicone implants and are placed either subfascial or intramuscular, depending on which head of the deltoid is being augmented. Of the three heads of the deltoid, the most commonly augmented are the lateral and posterior heads with the implant placed between them. This also creates the greatest amount of width augmentation. It would be helpful to see exactly by pictures which areas of the deltoid you want augmented.

2) Since there are no real deltoid implants commercially made, I use calf implants which have three sizes (volumes 70 to 170ccs) with up to 2 cm of thickness per implant.

3) The risks of surgery are a permanent scar, infection, undercorrection/overcorrection, and implant malposition. (which are the standard risks of any implant-related surgery)

4) The implants will never degrade or breakdown and thus add permanent muscle augmentation.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana