When Is A Good Time To Do Scar Revision Of My Leg Scars?

Q: Dear Dr Eppley I have two deep scars (they are red and has slight dent) )on my legs due to an accident three months ago. I know scar revision can remove the redness, but can it treat the dent too? How long will it take and how much will it cost( just give myself some mental preparation)? Thank you.

A: Contrary to your perception, scar revision can do exactly the opposite of what you think. Scar revision can improve the indentation of the scars by removing the depressed portion and bringing skin in from the sides to make it more level. The redness of scars is not something that traditional  scar revision will help. Redness of scars fades mainly a a function of time. As the scar matures, the blood vessels in it recede as the nutrients are no longer needed to heal. That makes the scar redness go away.

The more significant question is the timing of your scar revision…when is  a good time to undergo scar revision? That will depend on the appearance and location of your leg scars. Each scar must be assessed on its own qualities. Scars on the legs are particularly difficult to improve due to the tightness of the leg skin and the pressure and stresses to which the leg is exposed. I would have to see pictures of your scars to determine the best approach as well as timing and the costs. Relaxation of the surrounding skin is particularly important. So being only three months after your injury is undoubtably too soon.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana