When Should I See The Hump In My Nose Gone After A Rhinoplasty?

Q: I had rhinoplastic surgery two months ago to remove the hump present on my nose. Day before yesterday again I found a big hump on my nose. Please suggest to me what I should do now.

A: Removing a bump on the nose, known as dorsal hump reduction, is one of the most common changes done as part of many rhinoplasties. The size of the hump varies in different patients and the type of rhinoplasty technique used to take it down and make the dorsal line smooth varies accordingly. In small humps, a simple rasping or filing down may be all that is needed. In humps of more significance, greater than 1 or 2 mms, an actual osteotomy technique is needed. While in rhinoplasty days gone by, many humps were converted to a ‘ski slope’ appearance which created an over reduced look. Today, a higher dorsal line is more aesthetically pleasing and a lot of better for maintaining good nasal airflow exchange.

Because of swelling, it may not be possible to fully appreciate if a small hump has been adequately reduced for weeks to months after rhinoplasty surgery. However at two months after surgery, it would be fair to say that the hump reduction achieved should be visible. I don’t think the ‘hump reappeared’ or reformed, it is just that all the swelling may now be gone and the shape of the dorsum is fully apparent again.

While revisional surgery is not generally performed for at least 6 months after surgery, it is reasonable to ask your plastic surgeon about your concerns at this point. He or she can give you better insight as to where you are now in your postoperative recovery compared to your preoperative nasal shape.   

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana