What Would Be The Correct Order For My Facial Reshaping Surgeries?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello, First of all it is a great respect and i have to say I admire your facial reshaping surgery work. If one were to do those procedures, what would be the correct order and spacing? 




Wrap around jaw implant 

Cheek implant 

Brow ridge and fore head implant 

Eyebrow transplant 

Lip lift and mouth widening? 

And out of those if I were to do the followingwhat will be the cost overall? 

Custom Forhead implant 

Custom Browridge implant 

Custom cheek implant 

Custom wrap around implant 

Lip lift 

Mouth widening 



A: Thank you for your inquiry about facial reshaping surgery. Much like building a house you start first with the foundation…in your case the BSSO/genioplasty. Thereafter you build on that foundation six months later with any facial implant augmentations and rhinoplasty. Then the third and final stage would be any lip procedures since all of the other procedures cause too much swelling to make the sensitive lip area amenable to good scarring.

Since it is not yet clear what actual procedures would be done, for now I will have my assistant Camille quote the facial implants and rhinoplasty as done during the proposed stage 2 of the facial reshaping.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana