What Will Make My Jaw More Masculine And My Face More Symmetric?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I feel my face is a little weak down around my jawline area. Iwas hoping to have a more masculine jaw with out elongating my face any more… just maybe make it more full. Also as you can see on my photographs, my face is very asymmetrical. My right temple seems sunken in so was researching your page and saw you have a temporal implant, was wondering if I good candidate for the procedure. And last but not least, my nose is also very asymmetrical. If I feel above the nostril I can feel more cartilage on the left side of the nose and my right doesn’t have any. I am open to suggestions please if you can let me know the procedure you believe I will benefit from.

A: From a jawline standpoint, there is a clear chin deficiency but with a slightly long (rotated backwards) chin as well. While an implant can be used and probably not lengthen the chin, the most ideal treatment is an osteoplastic genioplasty where the chin can be brought forward and shortened as well. I have imaged that potential change in the attached profile pictures. In addition, I have also added some small jaw angle implant in the front view to see if widening the posterior jawline is also aesthetically beneficial. 

As for your nose, I can see a slight retraction of the alar rim upward creating nostril asymmetry. That would also account for the differences you feel in the lower alar cartilages in the tip of your nose. This could be improved by the addition of an alar rim/onlay graft to the right side of the tip of the nose.

As for the temple areas, I am having a hard time to seeing the amount of asymmetry between the two sides. This may be a function of the photograph. For temple asymmetry, a small subfascial temporal implant can provide a moderate amount of augmentation to the more depressed side.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana