What Will Happen To My Face If My Cheek Implants Are Removed?

Q: I have cheek implants that I would like to have taken out. What can I expect after they are taken out? Also, my right side of my face is a little higher then my left. Is their anything that can be done about that?

A: While cheek implants can certainly be removed, is it important to look and consider several factors before doing so. First and foremost, why did you have them put in in the first place? Was it a primary procedure (the only one done) or where the implants a secondary procedure or a throw-in? (while we are there….why not?) Second, what is it about them that you do not like? Too big, creating an unusual look, not the look you wanted? Lastly, what size can style are these cheek implants?

The amalgamation of all of these factors can help one determine whether removal or replacement/adjusting the cheek implants is the best choice. Usually when someone wants their cheek implants removed, it is because they are creating a look that they do not like….and often they were put in not as a primary procedure. Whether the undesired look is a result of cheek implant style or size must be determined on an individual patient basis.

All of that being said, the removal of any facial implant will likely leave behind the potential of soft tissue sag as a result of soft tissue expansion. Whether the soft tissue expansion will be significant depends on the size of the implant used. A small cheek implant will likely not cause this potential problem. But a bigger cheek implant might. If this is a real potential problem with removal, one may consider some form of a cheek or midface soft tissue lift at the time of their removal.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana