What Type Of Chin Reduction/Lower Jaw Reshaping Procedure Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, Hello. I wanted to make some enquiries about a chin reduction/jaw reshaping. I am very self conscious about my long face and asymmetry. Im aware I have a class 3 malocclusion which has been ‘camouflaged’ by braces so im not interested in any orthognantic surgery but more so a shaving/cutting of the jaw and chin to shorten and improve specifically the lower third of my face if possible.

My main concern about a chin reduction is the lack of support for the soft tissue and drooping. I also feel like there is a significant submental fat pad on the chin which is even more obvious when I smile. I would like to retain a petite tapering to my chin (I definitely do not want my face to look round).

I would be happy to arrange a virtual consultation. I have attached 6 photos.

A: Thank you for your inquiry and sending all of your pictures. You have correctly surmised one of the two limiting factors in chin reduction surgery: 1) what will happen to the soft overlying soft tissue as it will only shrink so much (very similar to a rhinoplasty with thick skin…what the skin does is control how small/refined the nose can become, and 2) the location of the interior alveolar nerve and tooth roots in the bone which will control how much bone can be reduced. Thus every chin reduction must take into consideration both of these issues. In that regard using your own diagram I have shown the different between a realistic vs a non-realistic goal. I will have my assistant Camille contact you arrange a virtual consultation time to discuss further.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana