What Type Of Submalar And Chin Implants Will Keep Natural Feminine Facial Contours?

Q: Dr. Eppley, My cheek bones come down just past the nostril base of my nose and from what I’ve read, that is supposed to be ideal. However, to me, it appears that I am lacking some volume and “flatness” in the submalar region. My chin is also slightly weak but the idea of a chin implant concerns me since it can be easily overdone and too prominent. If possible, I’d like the chin not to look wider from the front or longer from the profile…just creating outward volume. My goal is to maintain a feminine look with naturally done contours.

A: In looking at your face and in conjunction with your stated goals, I would recommend a small submalar implant and a small central chin implant style. Your cheekbones actually are quite nice and ideally positioned and full. The submalar area could stand a little volume as you have surmised but the key is subtle or small. This is why I suggest one of the smallest submalar implants. The malar and submalar areas are very easy to overdo and too large a size is a common problem in implant selection. From a chin standpoint, females needs a more central chin implant with very limited lateral wings. Women need a more tapered chin appearance, more pointy if you will, which is more feminine as opposed to a more square chin look for men. The combination of small submalar and chin implants should provide highlights and natural contours to your already good facial bone structure rather than overpowering it or being obvious.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana