What Type Of Skull Reshaping Procedure Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I was reading the information over skull reshaping in the site and I noticed that the procedures for narrow skulls are usually done with infants or toddlers but my question is if it were anything that could possibly be done to a 20 year male skull? My skull isn’t exactly large but very narrow and long.the reason I’m asking this question although I am aware that this procedure is most common for toddlers is because I research a few before and after pictures on give and I noticed that some of the males appear to be in their mid 30’s or so. I’m praying that anything could be removed or reduced from the front or back of my skull to make it appear at least close to normal if I am fortunate enough to have this procedure done. Please feel free to contact me anytime of the day. Thank you

A: While the most common treatment for a congenital long and narrow skull is complete calvarial remodeling or suturectomy of the sagittal suture, that is for the infant condition known as sagittal craniosynostosis. That type of surgical approach has nothing to do with treating a long and narrow skull in an adult. Such treatments can only focus on camouflage efforts on the outside as the brain is no longer growing and occupies a fixed space on the inside of the cranial ‘box’. Whether these adult efforts at skull reshaping can be done with frontal and occipital bone reduction (which is limited) and/or widening in between the front and the back awaits analysis of your skull shape. PLease send me some pictures of your head at your convenience.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana