What Type Of Skull Reshaping Do I Need For A Square Head?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am 42 years of age and have suffered all my life with what people around me have described as a square head. The head isn’t misshaped at the side or the back but is flat on top with a bit of a bump in the centre of the top. This has made all hair styles very difficult throughout my life and has affected me severely.

I wanted to know the following:
1) Is there any surgery available for this type of head shape?
2) How long would such surgery take and what kind of recovery is involved?
3) What are the results of such surgery? 
4) What are the risks of this skull reshaping surgery? 
5) Can you show images of what the likely results will look like before surgery?

A: Based on your description, it sounds like you need a convex augmentation across the top of your head for skull reshaping. In answer to your specific questions:

  1. Skull reshaping by onlay augmentation is a common surgery to buld up
  2. It is a 2 hour surgery under general anesthesia with about a week recovery at longest.
  3. The results of such surgeries are always successful in terms of improvement.
  4. Besides a fine line scalp incision needed to perform the surgery, the risks are generally aesthetic…shape and smoothness of the augmentation.
  5. I would need to see a front and side view pictures of your head to do predictive computer imaging.

Dr. Barry Eppley