What Type of Scar Revision Is Best For My Neck (Submental) Scars?

Q:  Dr. Eppley, I have heard alot about you and even read alot about the scar revisions you do on the internet. I found your website very helpful. I had a car accident in January, 2010. I had an injury under my chin. I was taken to the hospital and the doctor just cleaned the wound and put a band-aid on it. After a month when i shaved i had two scars under my chin. one in oval shape and one in small line red-pinkish in color. I showed it to a plastic surgeon and he told me to use Kelo-cote gel for two months. i used it for 2 months and the scar was a little bit soft but not much result was seen. Then n November, 2010 i had a revision surgery on both the scars. One remained the same and the other was reduced to 60% of the original since doctor had told me she will reduce the whole scar in two surgeries. I am not satisfied with the results from the first surgery. The scar is very visible and is pinkish in color and is even more visible now. I am attaching a picture of my scar before surgery and after revision. I would welcome your recommendations.

A: In looking at your submental or neck scars, I can see that both scars are fairly wide and in need of further scar revision. The biggest scar from the beginning was a tough assigment given its very large width. I have no idea as to the type of scar revision that was performed but I suspect it was a simple linear excision. Both scars would fare better with geometric approach to scar revision to distribute the tension on the closure better to decrease the amount of postoperatve widening. This is particularly needed when the excisions are wide and in an area prone to scar stretching influences.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana