What Type Of Scalp Scar Revision Can Be Done For Raised Hair Plugs?

Q: Dr. Eppley,  I am interested in scalp scar revision. I see you have extensive experience on scars from hair transplantation. Nearly twenty years ago, I had the old hair plugs and have about 1,000 elevated plugs on top of my scalp that look like mosquito bites. I tried to shave my head and get micro pigmentation to conceal them so I could wear my hair short. Unfortunately the bumps are noticeable in the bright light. I would like to have them flattened as much as possible but have received mixed reviews from Doctors. Some recommend laser resurfacing, others say kenalog injections, others say dermabrasion. What would you recommend if there is anything? My goal is to keep my hair buzzed so I would need to improve the 1,000 circular scars in the back of the scalp as well as a strip scar on the sides and back. Any recommendations?

A: When it comes to reducing the raised hair plug areas, it is best to think of it as reduction of a hypertrophic scar…as this is essentially what it is. This requires an aggressive form of skin resurfacing.. This is not an indication for steroid injections. Dermabrasion would be the best approach as it can create the greatest amount of selective reduction of each plug site. Laser resurfacing could also be used but it would have less of an effect and may take longer to heal due to the thermal injury.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana