What Type Of Rhinoplasty Do I Need For My Downwarded Sloped Nose?

Q: I am interested in getting a rhinoplasty done. I want a more streamlined look to my nose. It needs to be straighter with less of a downward slope or dip in the bridge area. I think the dip is the result of a barbell bar that I dropped on my nose when I was about 12 yrs old. I have attached some pictures of my nose for you to see. What are your rhinoplasty recommendations?

A:  Your pictures and your history show a classic saddle nose deformity. Your nasal bones and middle vault (upper and middle third of your nose) are collapsed and your internal septum is underdeveloped. This also results in a low and broad nasal tip, short columella and flared nostrils. The key to a successful result in the saddle nose deformity is building up of the entire dorsal line from the bridge down to the nasal tip. Without question the best material for this is your own cartilage. Your septum, however, would not provide adequate donor material. Ideally a rib graft should be used. This provides the best amount and shape that this buildup requires. One could use a synthetic implant, which is easier, but there is a definite risk of long-term problems with foreign materials in the nose. Otherwise, your rhinoplasty would be done through an open approach with dorsal graft and columellar grafting, nasal tip refinement and nostril narrowing. This would provide a more streamlined and straighter look to your nose as the attached computer imaging illustrates.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana