What Type Of Replacement Implants Do I Need For My Cheek and Chin Implants?

Q: Six years ago I had a mandibular implant placed as well as malar implants.  I am unhappy with the end result and do not feel  the result was what I requested.  I think, as I did then, that a geniomandibular groove implant with extended malar implants would provide my desired results.

A: I am assuming when you say mandibular implant you are referring to a chin implant.  Since you feel that a geniomandibular groove implant is better, it appears that you feel that the transition between the chin and jowl area is not a smooth or confluent one or that the jowl area needs to be more enhanced as well. Do you know what type of chin implant you have in now?

From a cheek standpoint, the desire for further malar extension suggests that either you desire more fullness out across the zygoma to the zygomatioc arch or that your desire more fullness in the submalar area suggesting more of a malar shell design. Do you know what type of malar implants you have in now?

Please send me some photographs of your face and let me know, if you can, what type of implants you have in place. A copy of your original operative note can also be very helpful as often the type of implants used are described there. Once I have this information, I can offer a more qualified response as to the best replacement facial implants for you.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis Indiana