What Type of Plastic Surgery Financing Do You Offer?

Q: I’ve had a consultation and qouted prices for surgeries. However I wanted to know if Dr. Eppley particiapates in the Doctors Say Yes finance program. I am willing to do this however only if I’m able to use a good reputable plastic surgeon like Dr. Eppley. Please let me know if he is apart of this type of finance. Thank you for your time.

A: The use of financing for cosmetic surgery, whether it is done through separate financing companies or using one’s own credit cards, is common practice. I would estimate that up to 30% to 40% of cosmetic surgeries across the United States are now financed in some fashion. That is a far cry from what it was a mere decade ago where estimated numbers were around 5%. This obviously reflects the national trend toward financed luxury purchases in general as well as the greater demand for cosmetic surgery. Over the years, my practice has used a variety of financing programs which now number into the dozens. We have had both good and bad experiences with them in terms of ease of use, financing terms, and the ability to get patients actually financed. Currently we use Care Credit as our primary referral for cosmetic surgery financing. They have worked out to be the best in terms of approvals, finance terms, and ease of use for both our office and the patients to work with. I am not saying they are absolutely the best as we have not worked with every single financing agency out there. Just that in our financing experience, they have worked out the best for both the patient and ourselves.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana