What Type Of New Chin Implant Do I Need?

Q:  Dr. Eppley,  I had a chin implant placed about 4 months ago. After I got my implant I was delighted as I thought the chin projection made my face look more defined and also gave a nice strength to it both from the front and the side. As the initial swelling decreased over time it still looked acceptable. Now it has gotten to the point where I almost hate it because it makes me look too much like I used to earlier especially from the front. I have always hated how my mouth would be so overprojected and my chin slightly receded. While this problem had gone away after I got the implant is, it has now come back and I couldn’t be more dissapointed. I also hate how round my chin appears now. I was talking to my Dr about it and he just said its just how swelling goes down but I hate this final result. I want my final result to be what it looked like around a month and a half ago. I have asked my Dr  how to recapture that and he mentioned maybe a square chin but he didn’t seem convinced at all. As a patient I cannot figure out what is it I need. That is why I wanted your opinion on this but I have also been skeptical of a larger implant cause I don’t want to add unnecessary length to my face.

A: The time to judge the final outcome from most facial implants, and particularly a chin implant, is around 3 to 4 months after surgery. That is when all of the visible swelling is gone and, most importantly, the chin tissues have adapted and settled around the implant so you can see the final shape and size change. Since you are at this time period, you are now looking at the final effects of the chin implant that is in place. Based on the way you feel about the result, it appears that you feel it does not have adequate horizontal projection and it provides too round of a chin contour. A new implant with more horizontal projection and a more square-shaped or non-anatomic shaped (less lateral wings) implant style is needed. It would be helpful to know exactly what type of implant and its dimensions that you currently have to make more specific new chin implant recommendations.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana