What Type Of Mommy Makeover Do I Need?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I am interested in getting maybe a mommy makeover. I have 2 kids, tubes are tied and I plan to have no more! I have a terrible big flabby stomach and my breasts are saggy :'(  I got pregnant and thought it was a time to indulge. I wanted to have a chubby baby so I ate a lot. Gained almost 100lbs during my pregnancy. In the end my baby wasn’t chubby (weighing only 7lbs 11oz) but I was left with stubborn fat that won’t go nowhere.  I don’t want bigger breasts though, my breasts are big enough, I would honestly maybe even like them a cup or more smaller but as long as they sit right on my chest they may just look better with possibly just a lift.  I want my stomach flat again though. I am a thicker woman. 5’8″ 230lbs. I plan to lose some weight though (I’m working on it) prior to having these operations done. What would this cost? Could I pay like… $4000 then the rest in payments? Is that offered for operations, as these? How much weight do you think I should be before having this done? I don’t smoke or do any drugs, I drink occasionally but overall healthy, just overweight, or obese, I guess I should say… Please help me to feel better about myself again. PLEASE!

A: Thank you for your inquiry. While I will ultimately need to see some pictures of your body or see you in an actual consultation, let me provide you with a few thoughts/recommendations based on the description of your concerns.

From a breast standpoint, you are describing a classic full breast lift. This will leave most of your breast tissue but will significantly tighten and lift your breasts back up on your chest wall and center the nipple on the newly positioned breast mound.

From an abdominal standpoint, you most likely need some version of a full tummy tuck to get rid of any skin overhang and make your stomach flat again. Whether this is what we call a full tummy tuck or an extended tummy tuck awaits my visual assessment of your body.

Putting any form of breast and abdominal reshaping garners the moniker of a Mommy Makeover, changing what has been affected by pregnancy the most…one’s breasts and stomach area.

When it comes to weight loss before a Mommy Makeover, a general rule is that one should be between 15 to 25 lbs of their desired ‘realistic’ weight goal. Notice that I didn’t say your ideal body weight which for some patients is not a truly realistic goal.

I will defer cost estimates to my assistant. But cosmetic surgery is never paid in installments which is more typical in the banking and retail industries. We have no means to reclaim the surgical results if the patient defaults or fails to pay after the work is completed.

Dr. Barry Eppley

Indianapolis, Indiana