What Type Of Medpor Cheek Implants Do I Have?

Q: Dr. Eppley, I’ve already submitted a form in order to schedule a consultation with you for removal of medpor implants with you.

The question I have is how sufficient do you find the passage from the OP report that I’ve submitted here in order to assess what implants we are dealing with ? To my knowledge, I don’t see in this report 1) where he placed the implants over bone or soft tissue (could you guess that merely from where the incision was made?) 2) where exactly they have been placed. I do not understand why the Op report says “M shaped implants” (when we agreed on zygoma implants), what do these numbers stand for? I understand you were not a part of this procedure, but I would like to provide you with the most accurate picture.

As I’ve learned from your forum there is a different level of difficulty for procedure, depending on positioning of the implants? Better yet, would you like me to get any of the images prior to the consultation? So, that you provide your opinion and accurate quote?

Please advise me, what additional information I might need to inquire from my previous surgeon or if I need to complete an MRI/or a 3D scan (your forum mentions that sometimes implants are not visible on a 3D scan).

A:In answer to your questions:

1) The operative report state these are the M style Medpor cheek implants which, when you look at their shape, are an ‘arch’ style cheek implant. In other words these are the closest to a zygomatic arch implant as standard implants can be. (see attached picture)

2) I would have no doubt these implants are placed at the bone level under the soft tissues.

3) As you have noted Medpor implants are rarely visible on a 3D CT scan. (occasionally that can be seen in some patients)

4) You get a 3D CT scan IF the primary goal is to replace the existing cheek implants with custom designs. The scan is not necessary for removal alone as noted in #3 above.

Dr. Barry Eppley

World-Renowned Plastic Surgeon